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We're all here just hoping for a little more glitter.

Aren't we all just trying to figure this life thing out? That's a HECK yes we are. Some of us are in phases of our lives where we aren't sure where we need to be? Who we should be with? If our kids are "well adjusted"? Are you the new "Snowplow" parent? Or a "Unicorn Mom" ~YES its a thing! (ONE checking in)

Do you have NO KIDS at all, which is TOTALLY FINE!

Do you want kids and are you tired of telling people WHY you don't have them.~STOP, that's personal.

We have become so use to the social norms of fitting in that we have forgotten that "standing out" is way better. Don't be afraid to show people who you are. Be amazing, don't dumb down your talents to make others shine! SHINE ON!

Don't let one more negative person or conversation influence your day/week/life.

I have many times said "life does hand us lemons", what we choose to do with them is 100% up to us! I'm in NO way saying that we don't all have our down days. Or the days where we feel like life is kicking us while we're already down.

I'm asking you to read my posts here! Stick with me! On this journey that's called LIFE while we all figure it out together! Good days, GREAT days and yeah the shitty as hell days. Sadly they count :) When we rise from the ashes of the fire stronger than before, with more determination to succeed nothing can keep you down. Not even your worst day. *Trust me, I've had my share of BAD days*

To those who are reading this thinking they can't do that "one more thing"~YES YOU CAN!

For the ones reading this saying out loud "I'm living my best life"~REALLY? PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US!

If you're reading this and you're now offended~THAT'S OK TOO!  


For the people reading this feeling the way I personally feel so often, which is they lack self confidence. They are overwhelmed by decision making. They have anxiety at even the smallest thing~WELCOME!!

Not just for mom's. It's not just about being SINGLE MOM'S~ although I do feel we get a little something EXTRA. I know many dad's that feel this way too. HECK people WITHOUT KIDS have these same life emotions.

So lets not sugarcoat life, because that's not where helpfulness and being a net positive on society comes in. Instead lets put some GLITTER ON TOP, and all sparkle together.

When we cheer for each other's "WIN'S" in life our emotions and our environment changes. At ANY point in your life journey you can literately say, this isn't how I'm going to LIVE MY LIFE. Make small changes that don't overwhelm you and start there.

Together we can achieve a level of kindness and gratitude that we inspire onto the next generation.